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Sunset Over Manhattan

Charlene Kaye, Singer

She came up with some incredible movement that really unlocked a new level of understanding and expression of the song.  She understands everything that I went through, and she's so good at cutting to the emotional core and bringing this physicality to the song that's so artful and so visceral.


Melii, Singer & rapper

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She's a very patient dance instructor!  I wanted to be more coordinated and rhythmically sound for my girlfriend (who is a dancer) so I reached out to Jadée for private lessons.  She was very calm, understanding, easy-going and funny.  She used metaphors to drive the point across which helped me a lot since dance terms are a foreign language to me.  I no longer embarrass my girlfriend when we go to the clubs.  Thanks Jadée!

"Amazing instructor.  You always ensure that you offer your INDUSTRY experience."

- Zenia M., Dancer

"Gives great, detailed individual feedback and always wants to see her students grow."

- Jessica H., Dancer

"Super informative as well as experienced! Love the motivating energy Jadée brings to her classes"

- Gil V., Dancer

"I can't sing this woman's praises enough! I had never taken a dance class before and I was so nervous but Jadée made me feel comfortable right away.  She quickly found my weak points and we focused on improving those all while keeping the beat going.  I honestly couldn't believe that by the end of the session she had me feeling sassy and confident enough to learn choreography!  Love her energy and patience! ❤️"

- Danielle P., Dancer

"Jadee is an incredible choreographer to work with she is patient she is sweet but she also welcomes you to her class as if she knew you for years. She makes you feel comfortable and she makes you feel like you danced for years even if you can't LOL. She works on the main points on what you really need help with and she perfects them !!! I would recommend her class to anyone because she doesn't only treat you as if you're family but she's willing to push you to where you want to go!!!!" 

- Vahhley, Singer/Model

"Lady Dée Entertainment gives me energy like no other dance environment. It brings me home to when I first started dancing as a child. Jadée's pure energy and compassion for her students makes her classes fun and purposeful as an aspiring dancer."

-Helena S, @DjHelenas

"Jadée is not only a beautiful and talented professional dancer, she is a TRUE teacher. Jadée is able to use her experience training, and technique to teach a variety of classes with multiple levels. She takes the time to really engage with her students and provide feedback, and the tools needed to grow and work towards your goals. I love the challenge of her classes from start to finish, and I feel myself evolving each time I take her class. A teacher like Jadée is a rare gem, and I am so thankful for each opportunity to train with her."

-Lori D, Dancer


"Jadée is an amazing teacher and choreographer! She takes the time during class to warm us up properly, and to individually give notes to each dancer. Not only that, her choreography is fun, challenging and has a unique perspective you won't find anywhere else!"

-Shannon W., Dancer


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