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Jadée Nikita is a professional dancer, choreographer, published model, and budding actress whose multifaceted skills captured the industry by storm.  With over 20 years of experience Jadée has acquired artistic instincts that are sought after by many artists around the world.   


A true artist in her own right, some of Jadée's most notable industry credits include:

Pitch Perfect 3

MTV's Video Music Awards

VH1's Hip Hop Honors

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon x3

Good Morning America x2

Saturday Night Live

and many more!


Throughout her professional dance career, Jadée's had the honor to perform with the top superstars of our time, including:


The Backstreet Boys

Meghan Trainor

Hailee Steinfeld

Lil Kim


Queen Latifah

French Montana

Daddy Yankee

and so many more!  

Jadée is grateful for every opportunity she's received and wouldn't have accomplished these goals without the help of the choreographers who hired her.  She's had the opportunity to work with the biggest names in dance, film/TV, and fashion, including: 

Scott Rudin 

Steven Klein 

Baz Luhrmann 

Trish Sie

Fatima Robinson

Laurieanne Gibson

Rich and Tone

Aakomon Jones

Jaquel Knight

and Charm name a few. 

These opportunities have allowed her to tour over 50 cities worldwide, sharing her love for film, tv, and the stage with audiences and students around the globe.  Jadée has performed on some of the most iconic International stages and venues around the world!  Some include:

NY's Lincoln Center

Atlanta's FOX Theater

NY's Madison Square Garden

Boston's House of Blues (the largest H.O.B in the world)

NYC's Best Buy Theater

Hollywood's Warner Borther's Studio

Atlanta's Tyler Perry Studios

Legendary SOBs (NY)

and more!

Jadée enjoys teaching dancers and non-dancers alike.  Especially when she can share what she's learned through her 20+ professional commercial dance career.  Lady Dée Entertainment, LLC is her way of giving back to the community that's made a positive impact in her life.  


To bring dignity & grace back to dance by teaching proper technique, upholding traditional dance values, and holding ourselves to the upmost standards by showing dignity and respect for all.


To provide professional opportunities for commercial dancers.


To educate all artists on proper dance technique and to prepare them with the tools needed to take their careers to the next level.

To help artists and musicians boost their stage and camera performances by providing creative direction, dancers, dance training, movement direction, and choreography. 



A true believer in giving back, Jadée has dedicated her life to community and charity.  Dance and the arts were an important cornerstone in her upbringing and without it, her life would be drastically different.  That's why Jadée's partnered with many non-profit organziations, donating over 200 hours of her time to community service and other philanthropic events.

She serves as a board member for the 501(c)(3) non-profit, ArtSpireVA.   ArtSpireVA provides scholarships to youth to experience the arts.  While doing this we are also inspiring others through dance pieces choreographed to uplift and heal.  Please take the time to read more about this organization that is near and dear to Jadée's heart and make a contribution that will forever change the life of a child.  


Performance Reel

Check it Out

Choreography Reel

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Acting Reel

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