A new kind of subscription box for your peace of mind.

For ladies who are interested in the mysticism of earth magick, this monthly alter box is ideal for baby witches and experienced mages alike.  Every month you will receive 3-4 carefully curated pieces to add to your workplace, home or studio. Each box will include 2-4 unique crystals, edible grade dried herbs for your apothecary cabinet, all natural smudge sticks, and 100% organic, handmade beeswax candles that matches/ corresponds to that month’s intention. You will also receive an insert that will provide in-depth information and suggestions on how to use and set intentions with the new items in your monthly haul. 


Just like us every box will vary. 



High quality

Sourcing only the best products from around the world to bring peace, protection and prosperity to your space.

Candles: 100% PURE Beeswax. Refined and naturally bleached. Natural sweet scent! Handmade with love. Opposed to soy based candles that release toxins into your space, burning beeswax candles is proven to purify the air around you.

Dried herbs: edible grade and perfect for teas, brews, tinctures, balms, essential oil making, and whatever else your witchy mind can conjure. Read all warning labels and consult a physician before trying anything new. 

Smudge sticks: In our effort to support other small business, our smudge sticks are sourced from Etsy and other budding entrepreneurs. This also guarantees our products are made of high quality, organic, and all natural materials untainted by corporate greed and influence.

Crystals: Like our smudge sticks, our crystals are sourced form trusted small businesses. Our crystals are authentic, high quality, both raw and polished, and are know to contain healing properties.

These statements are not approved by the FDA.

Always consult a physician. 

Intentions Subscription Box

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